Climate Smart Farmers’ Clubs, Zimbabwe

What the project does

The project “Climate Smart Farmers’ Clubs for Bindura/Shamva & Frontline Institute Climate Centre” will train farmers to use climate friendly agricultural methods that promote soil protection and water conservation. This includes the farmers using at least three such practices, e.g. crop rotation and crop diversification, such as promoting the cultivation of sweet potatoes, cassava, finger millet (rapoko) and other drought resistant crops. Irrigation systems with rope pumps and weir dams will be established. Additionally the farmers will establish tree nurseries for fuel wood to reduce the rate of cutting down trees by tobacco growers and for firewood use.

Achievements since start

  • 1097 farmers have adopted at least 3 new methods of climate friendly production.
  • 5 vegetable gardens irrigated with rope pumps have been set up – also functioning as centers for propagation of plant material.
  • 25 rope pump menders have been trained.
  • 79 solar vegetable drying systems established.
  • 871 farmers trained in conservation farming.
  • 150 students trained in systems of adapting to and mitigating Global Warming at the Climate Center of Frontline Institute.
  • A weir dam under construction to increase water recharge in the area around Frontline Institute
  • Installing a sand filtering system able to recycle the Institute’s wastewater (4000 m3 annually) for irrigation use in the garden farm.
  • Over 250,000 trees planted for fruits, fencing, water recharge and fuel – and 600,000 seedlings under production.

Zim garden

One of the five model garden farms, providing vegetables                                                                               but also cuttings of cassava, sweet potato, etc. for the farmers.


  • The project started in June, 2013 and ended in May 2014.
  • Implemented by Development Aid from People to People in Zimbabwe / Frontline Institute.
  • Funded by The GAIA-Movement through donations from The GAIA-Movement Living Earth Green World Action USA, Inc. and Green World Recycling Ltd.

Open or download the final report with photos from the project (0.5 MB). 2014 Final Report FC Shamva Bindura and Climate Centre


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