Stove Trials Mozambique

“Stove trials”, Mozambique


This is a trial project to evaluate the possibility of setting up a commercial production of firewood and charcoal saving stoves in Mozambique and linking this to the international carbon trade market.

Stoves production

The fuel-saving stoves were produced in Chimoio from locally available clay


  • Selected the stove model to test – a model tested and recognized to be used in commercialization of carbon credits internationally
  • Training a team for the production and sale of the stoves
  • Produced 407 stoves – some for firewood and others for charcoal and burned them in kiln
  • Registered as authorized stove seller
  • Concluded on which type of clay should be used for these types of stoves.
  • As a result of this trial, ADPP Mozambique has been awarded a stove project by EEP (Energy and Environment Partnership Programme with Southern and Eastern Africa) for scaling up to produce and sell 10,000 stoves annually. It has started in Nacala. 


  • Started in May 2012 and ended in December 2012.
  • Implemented by the ADPP Moçambique.
  • Funded by The GAIA-Movement through a donation from Green World Recycling Ltd.

Open or download the report from ADPP Mozambique on what came out of the extension of this trial project. Firewood_saving_stoves_project (1.5 MB)

Open or download the final report with many photos from the 2012 trial project (1.9 MB). Mz Firewood saving stove Final report



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