Gaia’s Tree-planting Fund

What the project does

The project supports projects within the Federation Humana People to People that are interested in participating in an action to plant millions of trees during 2013-2014. There are many good reasons to support such activities, not only due to the role trees have in mitigating Global Warming but also because of the general benefits people and nature get from having trees.

India 1


  • Started in September 2013 and ended in July 2014.
  • Implemented by 14 associations within the Federation Humana People to People & the Richmond Vale Academy at St Vincent.
  • Funded by The GAIA-Movement through donations from The GAIA-Movement Living Earth Green World Action USA, Inc. and Green World Recycling Ltd.

Open or download the pages from Gaia’s 2014 Annual Report with photos from the project (2MB). Gaia’s Tree-planting Fund Photo Pages

Open or download the page from Gaia’s 2015 Annual Report with photos from activities inspired by the project .Gaia-tree-fund-2015-continued

You can see a small video from the tree planting action by Richmond Vale Academy on St Vincent on youtube:

Gaia’s Tree-planting fund has been the inspiration to continued tree planting activities in the various countries. You can here find a beautiful book made by Humana People to People India called Trees Are My Best Friends – a book on Environment, Art and Education (4.7 MB).


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