Building Resilience towards Climate Change in Mutasa District

The aim of the project is to build capacity among 1,000 mainly female farmers organised in 4 Farmers’ Clubs in Mutasa District so they are better prepared against current and future climate change related shocks and thus improve food security. This involves assisting them with changing to more sustainable agricultural practices, better adapted crops such as sorghum and other small grains and protecting the local environment – for example by planting 3,750 agroforestry trees, and establishing vetiver rows against erosion. Small livestock will be used in pass-on schemes in the clubs.

The GAIA-Movement is funding a similar Farmers’ Clubs Project in Makoni District in Zimbabwe during the same period and the two projects will thus be able to coordinate activities and share experiences.

Seed nursery


  • The project started in October 2018, and will end in June 2019.
  • Implemented by Development Aid from People to People Zimbabwe.
  • Funded by The GAIA-Movement Trust Living Earth Green World Action.