Biofuel for Development, GB

“Biofuels for Local Development”, Guinea-Bissau


The project starts cultivation of jatropha plants among farmers organized in Farmers Clubs, and starts up production of the different products related to the plant, such as oil for biofuel and soap.

The project has set up jatropha nurseries, irrigated with rope pumps, trained project technicians and extension workers.

Model fields have been used to determine how best to prune and manage the plants to get the best yields of oil.

The oil plants are planted so as not to compete with food products, mainly as fences around the fields.

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The project will be the first in Guinea Bissau to use oil from jatropha seeds to run stationary engines adapted for this.


  • 2,600 farmers from 52 Farmers’ Clubs trained in jatropha seed production and harvesting and further 1200 farmers not in clubs have also started production.
  • Planting, caring for and pruning to increase productivity of 425,000 jatropha plants, most of these as fences around the fields and homesteads.
  • An oil pressing system was installed and 300 litres of jatropha oil produced – mainly for soap production since jatropha oil is more expensive than diesel. Chemical tests have also shown that the plant oil is too acidic to be used directly in the engines.
  • 59 students from the vocational school in Bissorã trained in jatropha management.
  • 8 centres have been set up with diesel engines that can run on plant oil to process rice and maize.


  • Started in February 2010, and has since 2011 been linked to the EU funded project “Renewable Energy for Local Development”. Ended in 2016.
  • Implemented by ADPP Guinea-Bissau, Farmers Clubs project.
  • Funded by the European Union and by The GAIA-Movement through donations from The GAIA-Movement Living Earth Green World Action USA, Inc. and Green World Recycling Ltd.

Open or download the final report from the project (1 MB) Biofuel Report 2017.

Open or download the 2015 update from the project (550 KB).2015 ADPP GB Jatropha report

Open or download the translation of the 2014 report from the project. 2014 GB Biofuels Translation

Abra ou baixe o 2014 relatório do projecto com fotos em Português. 2014 GB Biofuels

Open or download the last report with photos from the project (575 KB). 2013 GB Biofuel Report

Watch a movie “Our Climate, Our Challenge. Guinea-Bissau” made by Humana People to People. Parts of this film is about the people and the issues targeted by the “Biofuels for Local Development” project.


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