Gaia partners fighting global warming

A number of our partners over the years are actively fighting global warming and climate change through mitigating activities – activities that reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses that lead to global warming – and adaptation activities in order to minimize the impact of global warming.

The Gaia-Movement has been involved in many of these activities of our partners by helping to start them up, by helping to obtain funding for these and by directly donating funds to these. Find examples of this at the top menu under “Gaia Projects” and find a link to older projects at our projects page.

The following powerpoint pages tell about various mitigating and adaptation activities of our partners within The Federation of Associations connected to the International Humana People to People Movement – in short HPP – and how these activities help in the fight against global warming.


Mitigating Activities


1 Reuse of second-hand clothes





2 Reducing emissions by reducing waste2





3 Storing carbon in soils




4 Planting trees






5 Using carbon-neutral energy5a




Adaptation Activities

6 Improving crop diversity6a





7 Preparing for more irregular weather8




8 Caring for water resources8a





9 Teaching in schools9a



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