Solar Lanterns, Changalane

“Enabling 2.400 people to access solar power”, Changalane, Mozambique


The project aims to assist 400 families to get sustainable small-scale solar energy by introducing innovative solar charging stations in Southern Mozambique. 800 children will gain access to light in order to study after dusk which will contribute to their better learning performance. 50 local business people will receive training on how to use the new technology to develop their businesses.

OWU Solar 3

60 families benefit from each recharge station


  • 6 solar stations, run by 12 entrepreneurs as businesses, renting out 60 lanterns at about US$ 0.20 per recharge.
  • 34 One World University students from the “Fighting with the Poor” team 2011 have been involved in the project 320 families directly benefitting by having access to solar lanterns (some renting more lanterns)
  • 50 owners people have been trained in running small businesses, made possible by having light in the evenings 100 solar lanterns sold to families. 
  • 1000 booklets promoting solar energy produced and distributed


  • Started in June 2011 and ended in 2012.
  • Implemented by One World University, Changalane, ADPP Mozambique.
  • Project partner: The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) Funded mainly by the Energy and Environment Partnership Programme with Southern and Eastern Africa (funds from the Finnish and Austrian governments). The GAIA-Movement co-funds the project through donations from The GAIA-Movement Living Earth Green World Action USA, Inc. and Green World Recycling Ltd.

Open or download the final report with many photos from the project (900 kB). Final Report Solar Energy Changalane 



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