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Coastal cities to pay high price for climate change

From the website: http://www.scidev.net

Global flood damage could cost cities US$1 trillion per year, say researchers …

The researchers looked at the 136 largest coastal cities in the world and found that cities in developing countries are particularly vulnerable to flood losses as they often lack resources for long term planning. …

The list is topped by cities such as Guangzhou in China, Guayaquil in Ecuador, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, Abidjan in the Ivory Coast, Zhanjiang in China and Mumbai in India.Predictions for the highest losses in 2050, assuming current levels of defences and optimistic sea-level rises, include Jakarta in Indonesia, Alexandria in Egypt, Algiers in Algeria, and Barranquilla in Colombia.

via Coastal cities to pay high price for climate change.

As one can see it is clearly the cities in the developing part of the world that will be affected, and again, it is The Poor living in the low-lying slums that will be hit the most.

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