Study revises estimate of methane leaks from US gas fields : Nature News & Comment

The USA and many other nations are repeatedly telling us that gas is a climate friendly fuel, and that we should go for this to reduce Global Warming.

The fact is that the methane gas (natural gas) is a very strong greenhouse gas, so when just a small amount of this leaks to the atmosphere, then it influences the climate much more than the same amount of CO2.

This notice from Nature, reports that much more methane gas is leaking from wells in the USA that are in production than previously thought.

So, besides all the other dangers connected with this “fracking” industry, now it is also shown, that it is not very climate friendly.

Environmental controls designed to prevent leaks of methane from newly drilled natural gas wells are effective, a study has found — but emissions from existing wells in production are much higher than previously believed.

The findings, reported today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences1, add to a burgeoning debate over the climate impact of replacing oil- and coal-fired power plants with those fuelled by natural gas. Significant leaks of heat-trapping methane from natural gas production sites would erase any climate advantage the fuel offers.

via Study revises estimate of methane leaks from US gas fields : Nature News & Comment.

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